“Everything we’ve done,
We’ve done together!”

Maggie Doyne

We believe in reality-changing projects that rebuild concepts and redefine the dialogue between people. We’ll share some of these here with you.

life savings of $5,000 to help build a community and bring a change to the lives of orphans in Nepal.

In 2006, while volunteering in India, Maggie Doyne went to visit Nepal, which at that time was recovering from a 10-year civil war. An estimated 1 million Nepalese children were left orphaned or worked to help provide for their families, a fact that Maggie found too hard to bear, so she decided to make a change. She started off helping a few kids by paying for their school tuition, their uniforms and books. By this she started to transform their lives from child laborers to students.

She continued to help more and more children, and a new community began to form and grow.

Soon enough, it was clear that these children and many more needed a safe environment to live in, learn and thrive in. In 2009 Maggie, reached into her entire life savings that came to a sum of $5,000 and purchased land in Surkhet, Nepal. “Blink Now”, a non-profit organization was established soon after aiming to invest more in this young community striving to build a children’s home, a school, a health clinic and a women’s center.

Incredibly enough, a month and a half ago they succeeded and opened a new school campus and a bigger and better compound that was built as the first all-sustainable eco-friendly school in Nepal.

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